first things first…

12 sparks 580x200

We’d feel terribly remiss (a bit shabby, even) if we didn’t right away acknowledge (and THANK!) the wondrous WordPress wizards for these amazing blogging/content management tools. (Talk about simply ingenious and ingeniously simple media!) Those open-source poet-coders are truly the world’s partners in building a better zeitgeist! …Scribblers Media looks forward to exploring and experimenting with these—have to say it again—amazing technologies. Likewise, we hope to occasionally report back on interesting and useful things discovered.

readers note 580x200

image with caption and border (see what we mean?)

2 thoughts on “first things first…

  1. SCRIBBLES N BITS BLOG EDITORS HERE: We hasten to add that the “padding” (or whatever you call that gray rectangular background around the image and caption in our sample) is often a very helpful design element. It can be a real viewer’s aid. Just not, we think, in the case of the 12 sparkles set against white-on-white backgrounds. It kind of “boxes in” things.

    Anyway, that’s all we meant.

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