getting to know scribblers media (a tru-fax post)

Here’s a link to an all-time favorite cartoon from our all-time favorite single-panel cartoonist, the great Leo Cullum. Until the adhesiveness wore out* a hard-copy version was taped to a Scribblers Media workspace wall over a long-since retired monitor. (That’s a true fact.)

If you too liked the contents of our link, you’ll probably also like at least some of these 946 (as of this posting) other items from the same artist and at the same website. Likewise, you might enjoy this new recently discovered Scribblers Media favorite (from Mr. Christopher Weyant).

READERS TIP For an enhanced viewer experience, be sure to use the image zoom tools at “jump” (just click on image). And for even more enhanced experiences, consider purchasing 40″ x 30″ framed versions of linked artwork!

NOTICE: Scribblers Media cannot be held liable for time and/or productivity lost from above or “secondary” links, either directly or indirectly, either now or at future dates. (So, if, say, your boss catches you in the act, and thinks your slacking off, please don’t try to pin it on us. Fair enough?)

That said, aside from and in addition to the humor, we think some of the web formatting and design of linked pages is well-worth noting (e.g., the customizable room views of the selected artworks).


Currently, the only cartoon clip on our workspace walls is a 3-panel Dilbert. (That’s another true fact.) It features a dialog between Dilbert and Dogbert. The content will have to wait another post. Here’s a picture:

scribbler workspace, Jan. 2013

scribbler workspace with highlighted wall art (Jan. 2013)


* As the Radiohead-ers sometimes remind us, gravity always wins. Eventually, anyway. (Though wonder if the already much-missed throughout the world, Mr. Stephen Hawking, would agree.)

2 thoughts on “getting to know scribblers media (a tru-fax post)

  1. Gosh, scribblers, this is all truly fascinating. I look forward to reading more Scribblers Media “tru fax” stories and learning more about your organization–as well as your intriguing “digital work style training & exploration” services. …Um, you guys ARE aware that you could affix that old “cutting edge” comic with NEW tape, right?

  2. Yes, if any were wondering, that Leo Cullum link may, in fact, be considered one of our WISH LIST items. Any size or frame would be much appreciated. (hint. hint. hint.)

    — posted from the Two Scribbles With One Bit Desk at Scribblers Media

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