the ides of April (plus 48 hours)

Scribbles ‘n Bits is pretty much an apolitical blog. That’s for a bunch of reasons, including the fact that we scribblers are fairly ambivalent on a bunch of important public issues. There is  something though that we’re very opinionated on. (Frankly, we can be real cranks on the subject.)

And that’s tax reform. Especially what we like to call RADICAL TAX SIMPLIFICATION. We’re all for it.

Anyway, this being “tax day” and all, allow us to briefly chime in on this date’s unofficial “buzz” theme. Here goes:

When discussing tax reform, it’s always helpful to note that it’s not just a question of HOW MUCH to tax, but also WHAT to tax. Indeed, more important than tax rates is the tax mix (as Peter Drucker himself took pains to make us be aware).


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2 thoughts on “the ides of April (plus 48 hours)

    • Or should we say “whose time has come AGAIN”? These things being kind of cyclical (as a Wiki search “1986 Tax Reform” will show). As Messrs. Lennon and McCartney might have phrased it, What goes around, REVOLVES around.

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