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SCALED nano'clock watch prototype v2015-03-17

SCALED Nano’clock prototype for “wearable” 4:5 screens at 544 x 680 pixels, 72ppi. Licensed under Fauxpen Source Attribution 1.0 Unported License.

When Scribblers Media introduced the web-based Global Nano’clock beta last July, we knew it would be a major game-changer in extra-ultra-super-exact timekeeping (sorry, United States Naval Observatory master clock-keepers). Just as we knew our breakthrough efforts would be quickly surpassed by even greater magnitudes of chronometric accuracy. Indeed, nowadays the original Nano’clock’s 1/ten-to-the-negative-80th-power second precision seems downright loosey-goosey compared to that of some of the best time pieces out there. (Which are now well into the “point hundreds of zeroes” fraction of a second. (And we understand that today there are designs on drawing boards to take that staggering figure to into the thousands of decimal points! (Imagine!)))

We scribblers were only too happy to do our part in advancing the science of modern nano-level timekeeping. Likewise, we were very pleased to pass that torch to the next generation of nano-clocksmiths. Frankly, we had no plans to get back in the game. Until last week’s Apple Watch announcement. We immediately realized the future of nano-chronometry is wearable.

We felt the call. Once again, we were scribblers on a mission.

What ev. Above is Scribblers Media’s latest Nano’clock prototype (Beta v2015-03-17). It’s in the standard 4:5 aspect ratio screen size. Obviously, it has a way to go to be readable for Apple Watch’s smaller 277 pixel x 340 pixel (38mm model) and 312×390 (42mm) screens. (Working on it, working on it! As always, suggestions welcome.) Please stay tuned!