… and the much esteemed, highly coveted, very, very prestigous “2015 Difference Maker” award goes to …

sides 1 & 2 of double-sided 2015 Difference Maker badge (“prime differentials badge”)

Scribblers Media is proud as Punch to report that our 2014-2015 Geometrical Chromatics Team has been awarded the Twenty Fifteen Difference Maker prize! This much esteemed (not to mention, highly coveted and very, very prestigious) award is given annually by the universally renowned (if somewhat fictitious) No duh Vinci Institute to “the person or group who has exhibited somewhat interesting instructional design utilizing at least three colors and displays objects aligned in a more-or-less mathematically exact arrangement–AND correctly fills out the nomination form and pays the requisite registration fee.”

The actual body of work sited for this year’s award is Scribblers Media’s Primordial Matrix Series One <hyperlinks below> In keeping with long-standing No duh Vinci tradition, each project contributor received the double-sided Difference Maker commemorative badge. <see image above>

The Difference Maker badge itself, is, to be sure, among the many works featured in the series. Various vector and bitmap “prime differentials” as the badge files are sometimes called, can be found in the Series One public online file shares.

Likewise, various iterations of “Primordial Matrix” design elements (e.g., blocks, blends, warps, hues, shades, combinations, arrangements, checkerboards, etc.) can be found elsewhere on the Net. Nearby, in fact. (At most a few quick clicks/taps/swipes from this very blog page.). And don’t be surprised to see similar “blocks, blends, warps and chex” prominently displayed in next edition of scribblers-dot-com.

So in other words,. if you’d like to check out the matrices and such, they shouldn’t be too hard to find. And if not so inclined, well, they’re easy enough to ignore. (Though if that’s the case, we hope you’ll give them another look–they may grow on you. Really–we didn’t take to them at first either!)

And this too …
The Difference Maker prize always offers a generous financial bounty. Fabulously generous, in fact. Specifically, this year’s lucky, lucky recipients need only show the 2015 badge (and, of course, make customary contribution of a Federal Reserve note) to receive an absolutely FREE bag of fries from the Dollar Menu at over 13,000 participating McDonald’s restaurants across America. (So skeptical readers may now appreciate why we claim–even aside from all the universal honor, glory, acclamation, adulation, recognition and all-around prestige–the award is so highly coveted.)

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google drive shares screenshot - icons 800x600 144

“primordial-matrices” master folder at Scribblers Media Google Drive public cloud shares (icon view on 2015-02-25)

google drive shares screenshot 800x600 144

“primordial-matrices” master folder at Scribblers Media Google Drive public cloud shares (icon view on 2015-02-25)

Most files in the Scribblers Media Primordial Matrix Series One cloud-based public share collection(s) are Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 copyright. (That is, they’re essentially public domain.) Please feel free to view, download, modify, make derivative works from, print and/or share.

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To find out more about the somewhat fictitious No duh Vinci Institute, please click HERE.