design thinking for the rest of us

“when excellence curation is so easy it seems like cheating, MAKE THE MOST OF IT!” (old scribblers proverb)

WANT TO improve your “design thinking” skills? Need to foster a better “design thinking” workforce, enterprise, institute, community, what ev? Try this:

1). if you don’t already have a (free) LinkedIn account, create one

2). sign in at

3). sign-up for the LinkedIn Learning premium service 30-day FREE TRIAL (cancel anytime, renew subscription for ~$30/month)

4) go to webpage; in text box at top of page, search for “John McWade” (LinkedIn Learning’s ace graphic design instructor).

5). from list of “John McWade” search returns (it will look something like screenshot graphic in this scribbles ‘n bits blog post), choose any course, press “play” and START YOUR DESIGN THINKING ADVENTURES!

NOTE: you can binge watch as many of maestro McWade’s always excellent, always well-presented, always thoughtful, always eye-opening 15 or so video courses as you want.

TIP: if you find McWade’s eminently chunkable, insight-filled design lessons interesting and/or helpful, remember: you can re-watch them! (Over & again! (Try it!))

TIP2: to ACCELERATE individual and/or collective design thinking, be sure TO SHARE. Maybe try watching these video lessons TOGETHER. Most of all, be sure to TALK ABOUT what you’re seeing and learning. (“Talk,” as we scribblers tend to say ad nauseum, is THE great learning re-enforcer, learning integrator & learning accelerator.)