roll over Art Fleming and tell Don Pardo the news

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Have Fun! Amass scribbles!

Scribblers Media is deliriously overjoyed to post our FIRST EVER blog-based Scribbles ‘n Bits QUIZ!

To kick things off with a bang, we’re offering our BIGGEST JACKPOT to date: 100,000 Scribble Points!* Yes, you read that right, Scribblers Media will award 100K scribble points (“scribbles”) to any and all contestants** to correctly answer our quiz question.

Okay, got your thinking caps on? Got your favorite search engines revved up? Got yer “lifelines” on call? Ready or not, here’s the quiz question:

What number when raised to the power of the square root of negative one times pi equals -1?

On the tip of your tongue? Try these clues:

QUIZ BONUS: We’ll also award an ADDITIONAL 10,000 scribble points to any Scribbles ‘n Bits Quiz player to identify “Art Fleming” and “Don Pardo” without having to look them up. (You’re on your honor here!)


* And remember: only 100 scribble points plus US$1.00 gets you a cheeseburger or bag of fries from the Dollar Menu at over 12,000 participating McDonald’s restaurants across the USA!
** Expires on 400th anniversary of Leonhard Euler‘s birth on April 15, 2107. (So be sure to get your answers in soon!)